When it comes to Digital,
we think differently.

We've all seen brands and agencies rush to jump onto digital platforms. We’ve seen them try to replicate their physical experiences like-for-like. And we’ve seen a lot of them fall short.

Because that’s not how this works.

Storytelling, personalisation and immersion sit at the heart of powerful brand experiences, whether physical or digital.

But the key is: how?

Best-in-class digital events shouldn't entirely mirror what you do in the physical space; they have different needs, expectations and audience behaviours.




Our Methodology:

The time is ripe to entirely redefine what digital and hybrid brand experiences look like.

This is an opportunity to be known as a brand that does it the best.

storytelling in these spaces is very different!
We know how to create powerful and compelling communications in the LIVE SPACE
We know how to create powerful and compelling communications
ON SCREEN for individuals or small groups.
We understand the complex world of digital platforms – knowing the right tool that the project needs.

Scroll down for a sneak peek into how we think and what we can offer.

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we consume digital content every day

Don't ignore the principles that engage audiences best. We can help you produce digital experiences that are just as intuitive and immersive.

content isn’t just king,
it’s everything.

Get your content right or you'll lose your audience. We have the writers, designers and producers to help you craft your content – however corporate, factual or granular it may seem – into compelling, story-led messages.

multi-platform tv is a good role model

Consider engaging formats that encapsulate the qualities of ‘live’, but that are created for screen. It's not the same as the physical space. 'Broadcast quality' is your benchmark now.

keynotes can be much more engaging

We are unbounded in the ways we can deliver top-line messaging. It doesn’t have to be live, but it must be perfect. This is about brand integrity too.

measure with intent

Measuring tools are only as good as the objectives that underpin them. Talk to us about developing measurement strategies and tactics so that they thrive in the digital space.

content experiences can drive revenue

Sponsorship strategy, sales and management is in our blood. Combined with best-in-class content creation, it makes for a new frontier of powerful sponsor opportunities.

above all, make it a campaign

Experiences and events shouldn’t just live in the moment, they should be the peak of a sustained conversation. Dedicated comms campaigns build community, increase relevance and secure legacy.

You’ll find a small section of our digital and hybrid work below.

If you’d like to discuss your next digital or hybrid experience, or simply want to find out more, drop us a line.



The Customer Advisory Board (CAB) is VMware’s opportunity to touch base with its top 50 customers across AMER and EMEA. Its focus is to facilitate candid, two-way conversation.

Ordinarily we produce this as a high-end in-person event, using intriguing or luxury locations to host a white-gloved experience. During the Covid-19 lockdown, we challenged VMware to produce a digital experience as absorbing as the physical.

The content experience

We chaptered the content for a narrative experience and to mitigate digital fatigue. An opening vision from VMware Executives was followed by Q&A, eight hands-on product demo breakouts, and a customer voice panel session – all book-ended and peppered with our pre-recorded ‘as live’ host and pre-seeded on-platform content.

Technical production

We customised the SpotMe platform for enhanced community engagement, integrating it with Launch TV for breakouts so that speakers could present rich media, and the audience could interact via a moderated process.

We dovetailed full-service production and speaker support with broadcast-quality delivery, using a Master Control Room (MCR). This elevated the experience by seamlessly mixing pre-recorded ‘as live’ materials with live presenters and their multimedia content.

Attentions now turn towards utilising the platform and the experience it offers to continue developing the CAB community.


STORYBOOK S2 2020 & S1 2021

Creative storytelling and content design are at the heart of our partnership with New Balance. We have worked with them to develop Storybook - a fully digital, story-led way to keep direct and indirect sales partners abreast of next season’s go-to-market campaigns.

We had to ensure that far flung regions could still tell the right stories coherently while being on brand. So we developed a narrative journey to our digital experience, starting with arresting, contemporary film content to illustrate the vision and tell top-line stories.

At the second level and equipped with new knowledge, our audience drilled down into content detail through the dissemination of multi-format presentations (which they could then re-use to sell on to their customers).

Lastly, we developed category-specific designs and renders so that regions could replicate an on-brand physical experience within their own domain.

Storyland is launched every spring and autumn, allowing regions who have different sell-in times to access and understand key strategies as and when required.



With Series 5 of Formula E on the horizon, NIO designed the new livery for their Gen2 racing car: a smart gradient of teal to white to illustrate their ‘stratospheric’ ambitions.

They wanted the unforgettable physical experience; but more importantly - as an emerging Chinese company - they wanted to unearth a new, global audience. This was a prime opportunity for digital amplification. We worked with them strategically to define their audience demographics before developing a content rich social campaign aligned with relevant influencers, content creators and technology ambassadors.

In tandem, we conceived and delivered an elaborate physical event in just six weeks. Called the NIOsphere, this was a cultural collaboration with DJs and visual artists to create an exclusive sensory launch that quite literally took onlookers from the streets to the stratosphere.

Launched around the world at the same time, this was ultimately a platform for shareable content. Our social campaign pre, during and post event increased NIO’s Facebook following tenfold and doubled their Instagram followers.





We produced the press launch of HoloLens 2 at Mobile World Congress in 2019. This was a highly complex, hybrid broadcast for 200 press and a global digital audience.

The immersive demonstration of the device’s capabilities was made with the studio audience following the host’s interactions in the mixed reality space via screens with a custom Steadicam feed to show the holograms.

The device needs enough textures and colour spectrums to locate itself in the real world, so our environment had to work beyond the ordinary. We crafted a studio space built with a composite of graded materials and lighting states.

We broadcast a first-hand view of the mixed reality world to a global digital audience, implementing a robust, super high-quality live link that integrated into Microsoft.com. Above all, this launch demonstrated our capability to produce a virtual experience and integrate it into any custom platform.

The HoloLens offers a glimpse into what should or could be – a highly realistic virtual world mapped onto the physical world, allowing for multi-audience participation.